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So you’re thinking of outsourcing your Android app development to India, eh? That’s not surprising. Afterall India is a big player in the outsourcing game especially in the tech industry and it’s much more affordable than employing a U.S. Android app developer. But have you thought this all the way through?


After all there are definitely some cons to app development so far away from your home base and there’s some interesting alternatives that will still save you money.


App Development India


Just like other tech cities such as Austin, San Francisco, and Boston, India is a major tech hub in it’s own right. Take that and the fact their pricepoint is juuust right you can see why major companies are developing their Android apps in India. And I do me MAJOR companies - think LinkedIn Pulse and SignEasy. It’s no wonder they’re projected to bring in $80 billion in IT exports in 2020 alone (source). 


So while some may be thinking “that’s a lot of experience” we’re thinking: 

The Alternative to Android App Development India


The biggest and most similar alternative to Android app development india is nearshore product devellopment. Nearshore product development refers to outsourcing to companies that are close enough to the U.S. that we could (and often do) share a time zone. These countries are near to our shores and share a lot of cultural similarities as well. 


Benefits of Nearshore Product Development

There are many benefits to developing your Android app nearshore, such as:


Untapped Resources

There’s going to be 2 million tech professionals in India in 2020 that are estimated to bring in those big bucks we were talking about earlier! That’s a lot of competition for outsourcing Android app development. 


Meanwhile in countries like Colombia and Uruguay there are TOP talent software engineers that would love to work for an American company that would pay more than their local companies.


Time Zones 











You’ll never understand the curse of time zones until you’re trying to schedule a meeting between a colleague in the U.S. office and a professional in another country that’s hours ahead or behind. The math! 


“If it’s 2 PM CST here and 1 AM in India with an 11 hour difference that means they will both be awake at 6 PM CST which would make it… 5 AM in India? Better make it 9 PM CST. That’s.. 8 AM in India? But wait would that be our Wednesday so we should ask them if they’re available on Thursday because they’re ahead of us.. right?”


Does your head hurt? 


One of the more prominent benefits of working nearshore is that you’ll max be 0-4 hours behind your employee depending on where you live in the U.S. and what country you’re working with. This time difference can make a world of difference (and save the brain of many an executive assistant).


Not just for scheduling purposes, also for clarification and immediacy. With huge time zone gaps deadlines can be missed or confused and there can be little to no room for error. If there’s an emergency and a bug in the code needs fixed ASAP but your developer is in India and it’s 3 AM their time well then, that’s a problem for them when they wake up. Not a problem that will be solved immediately like you want it to.


However, if you find the issue at 5 PM your time and it’s only 8 PM Uruguay time.. You can get your developer on the phone and they can help you right away. It’s almost as if you’re working with a remote coworker that’s on the other side of the U.S.


Same Benefit as India: The Money


Most importantly, you’ll be saving money!













Like we said, outsourcing in general usually saves you lots of moo-la. For the price of 1-2 U.S. software engineers you can have a whole team of developers in a nearby country. 


Less Cultural Barriers















A lot of important information can be missed when there’s a large language and culture gap between companies. A lot of American sayings and colloquialisms are hard to understand outside our culture and that could lead to big mistakes.


For example, say you wanted your app to have an appointments button and you want your users to be able to log on and reschedule an appointment if needed. You’re a hip, witty, company and you want this feature to be called “Rain Check.” You communicate to your developers in India that you want a rain check feature and instead of building a feature to reschedule they build a feature that tells you if it is raining or not. Seems silly. But this is a real example and lots of money was wasted by making this weather function. The main mistake: the American company assumed their coworkers in India KNEW that “rain check” ment at a later date. 


When you work with nearshore product development companies there is little to no language gap which helps save time and improve open communication.


Tapping into these Hubs


Of course, you’re probably wondering, “how much is it going to cost me to setup in these other countries?”


Unfortunately, a pretty penny. That’s where we come in. Austin Software has already laid the groundwork for you. We have entities on the ground in both Colombia and Uruguay and have crossed all the i’s and dotted all the t’s. (And boy, did it cost a LOT 😅).



BUT, you don’t have to worry about that. 


Now that we’re setup we’ve got the talent and the supply for you (and lots of connections to help build your team and get the developers you need if we don’t already have them). All at a MUCH lower price point than you would be working with if you employed in the U.S.


Let us give you access to the best nearshore product development teams. Our team is here for you.

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