Crypto: How it started

Cryptography is the science (and art) of writing messages that no one but the intended receiver can read. The name derives from either the French word cryptographie or from Modern Latin cryptographia both of which find their roots in the Greek kryptos “hidden” + graphia “writing or recording”. Historically, the human race needed to communicate […]

Docker: Let’s get Started with Francesco Ciulla

In this short introduction to Docker, Francesco Ciulla and Federico Ojeda will go through the fundamentals you need in order to understand containerization concepts with a small demo. Let’s make it interactive!

Covid 19: the Van Helsing of Zombies & Orcs Scrum Team

Do you remember 2019? Yes, 2019. That year will end with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit our country in March of 2020. But let’s go back to October 3, 2019. That day I gave a talk named Scrum Zombie & Orc Scrum teams as part of the of 2019. In that […]