Hire top-tier software developers in US time zones

Astro automates the sourcing, vetting, payroll, benefits, and local procurement, all from an easy to use dashboard.

It's hard to hire good developers

Top companies build teams around the world to access the best talent. With Austin Software, you now can too.

You don't want to outsource your product

You need missionaries, not mercenaries. Your Austin Software teammates are your developers, just scaled up in LATAM

International logistics are tough

We take care of everything: talent acquisition, HR, legal compliance, Class-A office space, MacBook Pros, swag, perks, and onsite teams that help with retention

Engineers work together in one office with everything they need supplied

Pay week-to-week with no added fees or contractual obligations. Hire employees, not contractors. All under one roof at a cost less than paying for a local employee.

We screen for top candidates by sending them through a rigorous 6-step interview process evaluating for architectual design, code quality, English, and emotional intelligence.

Only the best make it through.

Everyone knows what everyone is getting paid

Everyone’s on the same page because we have complete transparency in our pricing and costs. You know exactly what we pay the developer, additional taxes & fees, and our management fee.

This allows both you and our developers the ease of mind that no one is being taken advantage of thus enabling you both to focus on what matters most — building your product

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Austin Software is not a staffing agency or dev shop. Instead, Austin Software provides companies with what they need to build their own teams in LATAM. We handle the talent sourcing, international logistics, local HR and perks, and we help with retention. Everything companies need to easily build and manage their teams in LATAM. Your Austin Software teammates report directly to you and your team leaders, ensuring you get engaged product stakeholders and not contractors.

4-6 weeks total (from us beginning to source candidates to your first hire’s start date)

We have offices in Argentina, Perú, Chile, Colombia, México and Uruguay.

International logistics are tough so we take care of everything: talent acquisition, HR, legal compliance, Class-A office space, MacBook Pros, swag, perks, and onsite teams that help with retention.

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