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At Austin Software, we care about the well-being of our developers. In fact, we care so much that we designed an entire company to support you. We know competition for top-tier developers is fierce and in parts of the world, there’s 0% unemployment for software engineers. For the developer talent pool, having a job that pays well is completely different than having a career at a top US tech company that pays well.

So what makes Austin Software different? We know the inner workings of US tech companies and demand they treat our developers the way they deserve to be treated.

Austin Software makes our clients (all of which are US tech companies) go through an interview process before we even agree to work with them. Once they pass the requirements, we educate them on how to incorporate their new LATAM teammates as core members of their existing team.

We don’t stop there though, we continue to hold them accountable by hosting bi-weekly calls with their tech leadership to check in. This separates us from just another nearshore software development company.

We’re not afraid of holding our clients accountable and definitely not afraid of firing bad clients.

And our high standards don’t stop there. Below are some of the standards we ask our clients to uphold when interacting with candidates and developers:

Companies should pitch you

The strongest teams will always describe what’s exciting about their team to you. They let you know what their positive impact is beyond revenue and growth. We know you have lots of cool products to work on and that you want to be part of something special. Great developers are enticed, not cross-examined.

It’s no different than any other developer

Sometimes there’s an unwitting attitude that LATAM candidates should be fawning over interviewing with US teams. We don’t let companies make this mistake! We know that all good candidates have options, no matter where they are located, and you can be sure that if you pass our technical bar, you’ll have companies fawning over you too!

Not Just Contractors

Do you leave jobs because of money or because of how people treat you? The answer is most likely “yes.” People will leave companies because of how they are treated. Unfortunately, most US companies are still treating their remote team members like contractors or second-class employees.

Luckily for you, that will never happen at Austin Software, because if a client treats you like this, we’ll quickly fire them and move you to a new team with no gap in unemployment or pay.

Remote developers working for US based Tech companies

Austin Software happily pays your salary and benefits until we find you a new team. Also, with Austin Software, you get private healthcare, holidays, paid time off, swag, and so much more, just like every other full-time employee. In addition to these benefits, we host AS talks where we discuss everything from how to avoid burnout to the latest tools in development.

We require our clients to include our developers in their all hands, all their slack channels, and for their LATAM developers to have the same access to resources that their existing developers get. That’s in addition to the amazing benefits we already provide.

We believe that companies must uphold a culture of one team with similar resources and responsibilities for all teammates and that is a bare minimum expectation we have.

Companies must help you

Companies must highlight how they help you grow. Do you aspire to be a team lead, a manager, an architect? Our US-based clients must explain how they can help you grow through mentorship, relationships, intros, projects, or, ideally, full career paths. They must be resourceful in helping you on your path.


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