Alternatives to mobile app development india

When you think of outsourcing what country comes to mind? India. India is widely known as the go-to for American companies when they’re looking to hire someone quickly and for cheap - no matter what the industry. 


Let’s say you’re looking to develop a mobile app and don’t want to pay some software engineer in Silicon Valley +$200k. Where do you turn? Outsourcing. The reality of the matter is that there are talented people all over the world that can all do the same thing at different price points. 


That being said there’s a lot of give and take. You might tackle a language barrier to get a quality product at half the price. But will that language barrier cause more setbacks because of the lack of communication?


The quick solution: look for talent hubs near you. That’s right, much like Silicon Valley and Austin, TX there are tech hubs all over the world but some of them remain almost untapped i.e. Uruguay, Colombia, and Costa Rica.


Nearshore Project Development

Nearshore project development, simply put, means outsourcing your team to other countries that are in the same timezone as you (or less than three hours off usually). Meaning your team is working at the same time as you, opening the lines of communication, and oftentimes there’s little to no language gap. 


Setbacks of Outsourcing

While yes, outsourcing is a great way to save you money it can actually cost you money in the beginning. That is, if you decide to create your own business in the countries you choose. For instance, if you want a whole team of mobile app developers i.e. software engineers in Uruguay you’ll have to first establish a business on the ground, open a bank account, acquire an office or rent a coworking space.. All of which require time, money, and lawyers. THEN you can start on recruiting your team. And THEN you’ll have to decide if you want SRLs (contractors) or employees - both of which require money to get setup. 


That’s a lot.. Boy do we know! But there are ways to get around all of this.


Setting up Shop without Setting up Shop

We’re going to get a little technical for a sec. If you want to add to your team (or build an entire team) in another country without the hassles of setting up shop yourself and then recruiting, interviewing, and hiring them yourself - you can look to staff augmentation through an  established software agency. Basically, they do the heavy lifting for you.


They already have established teams of highly trained mobile app developers on staff to “lend” to you for your project. And if you need an entire team, they’ll employ them for you under their established entity on the ground in whatever country you choose. 


While you may pay for their services, it’ll be nowhere near what you would have paid to establish an entity or employ an American software engineer. And let's not forget those benefits of working with a nearshore product development team: same time zone (or close to it) and radically better English skills. 

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