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Austin Software Expands in Colombia

And just like that, we opened a coworking space for our teammates in Medellín, Colombia!

Following our motto ‘we want to be where talent is', Directors of Austin Software recently traveled to Colombia to inaugurate a brand new office, which is designed to be a learning point that inspires and promotes creativity and collaboration.

Talent is limitless: there are no boundaries for where smart strong people are, and with the internet you can work remotely from anywhere. At Austin Software, we want to democratize the opportunities for the world
says Jacqueline Samira, CEO and Founder of Austin Software.

But why expand in Latin America? Number one and most importantly: talent. 

There’s no question that some of the top contributors to very important open source projects - the very infrastructure of the internet - actually come from South America. Besides that, it’s great to be in the same timezone as the teams in the U.S. you’re working with. 

Finally, teams in the U.S. and in South America actually share a lot of the same culture when it comes to collaboration, work ethics, or even consuming the same pop culture or video games. From our point of view, LATAM is the perfect place to expand, collaborate, and build our teams.

During his trip to Colombia, our CTO and Co-Founder, Frank Licea, held his talk “Products not Projects: Emerging trends in career-focused opportunities in Silicon Valley and Colombia” at the EAFIT University of Medellín and the Pontifical Xavierian University of Bogotá, where students had the chance to attend live.

We are very excited to be opening offices in Medellín. Although we know every client looks for something different, usually top product companies in the U.S. seek individuals with the courage to speak up, people that have intellectual curiosity, with a deeper understanding of a problem or situation. Latin American developers have a truly holistic view that looks at a product from a whole, and can provide deeper and more creative solutions” says Frank.

As Austin Software continues to expand in Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, and beyond we’re taking notes on the next best place! This is truly only the beginning. So what do you think.. Where should we expand next?

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