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Austin Software lands in Lima, Peru!

When we say we want to be where talent is, it’s for real!

Last month, Directors and teammates of Austin Software visited Peru to announce our arrival in Lima. We hosted a very special lunch that had great attendance from Tech C-level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Software Associations and Key Opinion Leaders from Lima, Peru. 

We can’t believe we’re expanding so rapidly in Latin America and now landing in Peru. We are eager to discover new Peruvian talent and offer them great opportunities to work directly on engineering teams from Silicon Valley companies” says Frank Licea, CTO and Co-founder of Austin Software.

Our company currently has about 200 active Software Developers working for US companies throughout Latin America, and now that we’re into the Peruvian market, we seek to hire around 40 Senior Software developers to work in these companies. "Our job is to bring Silicon Valley closer to Peru, so that developers can access these opportunities without leaving their families," says Frank Licea.

Take a look at these testimonies, get in touch with us and discover why we talk about a new work lifestyle ;)

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