• Frank Licea

Why work for Austin Software?

Updated: Jun 1

Is your career growth limited? Do you know how much you’re paid relative to what the client pays? Are you tired of sales driven deadlines working from project to project?

Developers Don’t Belong in a Factory

Austin Software Has a Deep Love for the Craft of Building

Austin Software isn’t a factory—we’re a talented group of the best developers in South America and we work in a better way: No fixed priced contracts, no sales driven deadlines, client prices are not secret, and we don’t survive project to project. We work long term with partners that are a good cultural fit and we’re happy to fire bad clients.

Traditional software factories have conflicting incentives and developers suffer the consequences — developers work extra for less. Our better way of working ensures that developers can grow their careers and work in healthy collaboration with partners. If you are tired of software factories and you consider yourself one of the best developers of your peers, apply to join us, and help us change the factory culture in South America.


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