The best way to GROW your ENGINEERING team™️

OUTSOURCING is the past and RECRUITING is sooo 2019. Welcome to the future where the best engineers work through on-demand hiring!


It’s like hiring an employee, without all the masochism.

You Get the Employee

Stop posting to craigslist--you’re not good at it. Look, this is simple: You choose an engineer and build your product. There is no middle-man between you and your developers.
If you like John? Hire John. He joins your team full time, reports to your management, using your process and your code.

We handle the Complexity    

Colombia has changed their tax laws 7 times in past 9 years and in Uruguay your code can be stolen by an engineer unless it’s filed with their library of congress. While I’m sure “understanding complexities of Romanian PTO compliance” is on your vision board (thanks Oprah), you can skip it. We handle everything from South American HR to IMF compliant banking laws leaving you to focus on building a better product.

Look. We’re a little different.

We’re not a recruiter. We’re not a marketplace. And we’re definitely not some software factory in a third-world country trying to sell you on engineers that can’t speak English and don’t understand American culture for a promised 50% discount that ends up being more like a 27% discount (sorry... we’ve been burned).


In fact, we might not even work with you! We spent a lot of timing finding and training some great engineers, and we’re not going to let them work for a shitty company (I’m sure you’re fine… we’re talking about all those other companies out there). 


But seriously, our two-way onboarding process is built so that we only work with teams where we’ll be mutually successful. 

Where the heck are you guys from!?

We have offices on four continents with sales and support located in Austin, TX.


Most engineers live Latin American giving you access to top talent in the same timezone while cutting out the pesky American tax system.



Year Established






People Who
Didn't Read This

Introducing the
Great 10x Engineer™️

(And how we use software to build them.)

We screen for top candidates by sending them through a ridiculous 12-step interview process evaluating for code quality, communication and emotional intelligence. (I think they do it for the cookies, but we’re not sure.)

Only the best make it through, and those are trained in The 10x Process learning how the best product companies build and maintain code.


  • Our platform and means that your next hire starts today saving $23k in hidden hiring costs

  • Instead of spending countless hours screening resumes, waiting and reviewing code tests, your team can get to work with your new hire right away! This saves 65 hours of interviews -- if our candidate doesn't work, you do not pay

  • Most candidates come from LATAM saving 50% over US-based hires


  • Continuous education teaches engineers how to better manage their time and improve code quality

  • Every engineer has access to our local application-specific experts that offer free and secure senior-level code reviews

  • Our software tracks over 1mm data points to show engineers where they can improve and give you data to make better management and product decisions


  • All engineers are trained in PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC II compliance

  • Code reviews, automated testing, and documentation are included for each completed ticket

  • Weekly reporting and reviews identify delays and bugs before they happen


How we make your dreams come true.


Tell us about yourself, your company, your projects, your goals, and your favorite places to go on a date--then schedule a company fit call to see if we're right for each other.


Select a great engineer that's been trained in our 10x process, introduce them to your team and get them coding. No need for code tests or interviews--if they don't work out, you don't pay.


Continue to run your new engineer as if you were filing a W2, but get the benefit of weekly reviews with our US-based account team making sure every line of code is worth what you're paying.



Hire an Engineer Today; Start Coding Tomorrow

(And only pay if you like their code.)


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